Home Maintenance

Lubricates door locks, handles and hinges, window tracks and latches, garage doors, chrome bathroom fixtures, pipes, table legs, heaters and plumbing. Protects lawn mowers, gardening and landscaping tools from corrosion, extending their life and keeping them working reliably.


Outdoorsmen are guaranteed a great day in the field when they use Rock-it Oil on hunting, fishing, and camping gear. Protects and lubricates reels to run quieter and give them a lifetime of smooth operation. Softens and lubricates line and improves casting distance. Increase string life by reducing friction when firing your crossbow. Degrease, clean, and prepare aluminum and carbon arrow shafts.


Penetrates and lubes all moving parts and completely waterproofs: tractor and machinery wiring, ignition systems, gears, and chains on bailers, combines, grain drills, cultivators, com pickers, elevators, feeders, mills, and fertilizer equipment

Cars, Trucks & Cycles

Restoration, detailing, all repair—use on nuts, bolts, bleeders, cables, stuck engines, shocks, and crankcases. Seals off ignition systems and wiring, and protects connectors from oxidation. Removes chrome rust and surface pitting. Protects master cylinders and other bare metal surfaces.

Power Sailing & Fishing Boats

Will not wash off in fresh or salt water making it the ideal lubricant for your boat, trailer, and dockside equipment. Cleans and revitalizes the surfaces of marine metals, including aluminum, stainless, chrome, bronze, brass, and copper. Works on inboards, outboards, and I/O steering cables. Provides a good running lube on wheel bearings, winder ratchets, anchor chain reels, and all hinges.

Firearms & Weapons

Highly acclaimed in the weapons industry, Rock-it Oil has a well-proven track record with the F.B.I., the D.E.A.,U.S. Marshals Service, and both the Chicago and Detroit Police Departments Rock-it Oil improves all firearm action, reduces bore wear, and keeps mechanisms clean and corrosion free without harming the primer.