Rockit Countertop


Available at The Home Depot in the cleaning department


Say good-bye to stubborn dirt. . . and hello to having more time on your hands.


No more abrasive cleaners. Impossible-to-see and hard-to-reach dirt, grease and stains—are now history. Rockit Countertop works like a power magnet to attract and remove trapped dirt without scratching the surface. Beats any conventional cleaner . . . and it even polishes without streaking.


What Rockit Countertop does

–>  cleans down deep—keeps countertop cleaner longer

–>  polishes without streaking

–>  removes tough dirt, grease, stains

–>  no residue—rinses easily with water

–>  nonabrasive—safe for all coated surfaces

–>  doesn’t affect sealers

–>  biodegradable

–>  food safe

–>  safe for ground water

–>  ideal for natural stone—polished granite, marble, soap stone, slate, polished concrete, other      water-tolerant counter surfaces


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